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Gambling opertors licensed to operate on the Georgian territory can access the compliance portal to submit the technical requirment and acquire relevant information.

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Regulated Gambling in Georgia

Starting from 02.07.2020, based on the amendments to the Law of Georgia “On Organising Lotteries, Games of Chance and Other Prize Games” certain obligations have been identified for the purpose of control of the gambling industry. Additionally, the Law identified the right and framework of implementation and operation of Unified Control System by the Selected Person.

The Revenue Service of Georgia has been obliged to sign a contract on “Implementation and operation of Unified Control System for the purpose of monitoring and control of the gambling industry” with the Selected Person in 1-month period.

The Selected Person is Random Systems International, a company incorporated according to the laws of Malta, with ID code: C87821 and, therefore, will carry out duties and obligations identified by the Law. The Selected Person shall operate either directly or through its subsidiary – Random Systems Georgia, a company incorporated according to the laws of Georgia, with ID code: 405323948).

Type of Operators Falling under the Electronic Control System in Georgia

The amendments in the Gambling Law require the following operators to register with the Electronic Control System:

  • B2C operators who offer online games to Georgian residents.
  • B2B operators who offer any service to the B2C operators.
  • Betting shops
  • Slot halls/clubs
  • Manufacturers of Electronic Gaming Machines
  • Suppliers of Casino Management Systems

Operators who fall under these categories must make a submission for an authorization by registering on the compliance portal.

Total Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Providing monitoring solutions for regulated land-based and online gaming.

Random Systems Georgia is a subsidiary of Random Systems International (RSI) which is part of Random Group – a Maltese based company with global recognition as an expert and leader of responsible gambling solutions.

Random Group works with governments, authorities and gaming commissions all over the world to create responsible gambling policies, procedures, monitoring and reporting systems. We also work with land-based and online gaming companies helping them with their regulatory compliance towards the implementation of those responsible gaming policies and operational procedures.

Our broad range of services include advising on gaming policy, law-making, regulatory monitoring and supervision, regulatory compliance, strategic and tactical planning from market pre-entry through to licensing and operational stages.

There are three cornerstones to our corporate principles:

  • Gambling operations should be fair and transparent at all times.
  • Vulnerable players and minors should be protected.
  • All gambling activities should be free from criminal activity and money laundering.

Regulators are continously dealing with situations where technology outpaces the implementation of their regulation policy. Today, in order to be able to regulate properly, gaming regulators must adapt their regulatory policies to allow supervision of gaming using technology. RSI has developed an innovative and proprietary hardware and software solutions that takes advantages of the expertise and successes obtained in existing land-based gaming and seamlessly combining them into modern technologies that are available today in online gaming systems.

  • Standards: We leverage long established Land based gaming standards, industry standards to adopt a common set of standrads accross the industry.
  • Data: we harness the power of several data sources generated by gaming devices for regulatory governance.
  • Technology: Land based-gaming uses evolving iterations of legacy protocols such as SAS or G2S while the starting-point for online gaming was far more advanced. We have merged the two to provide a seamless interface that is interoperable and reliable

In applying the advanced technological real-time monitoring and reporting it is possible by gambling regulators and when such instruments are put into practice they will exponentially increase the control of the regulators over the activity of players and the implementation by operators of the regulatory guidelines.

Our work can be found in many jurisdictions:

  • Malta
  • New Jersey, USA
  • California, USA
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Republic of Georgia
  • Mexico
  • Romania

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A company incorporated according to the laws of Georgia, with ID code: 405323948